Thanks to investments in human resources, vehicles and advanced hi-tech equipment, the company ensures full compliance
    with safety laws on the workplace, on the road, concerning food and the environment.
    The special attention to details, the inclination to be updated, the constant modernization and the compliance with rules have 
    allowed the company to get some of the most important certificates belonging to the world of transport, such as:
    ·  ISO 9001:2008
    ·  SQAS
    ·  EFTCO*
    Therefore, in order to maintain these standards, the company offers a set of services to support customers
    by maintaining work safe.
    *(waiting for accreditation)

  We ensure the traceability of goods in real time through G.P.S. via web; which is able
  to localize our vehicles in transit to their destination. This remote control is extremely 
  accurate due to the result of continuous investments in technologies applied to the 
  transport sector.
  We research the latest technological advancements in the transport sector.
  We will mainly use these innovations in the transportation of goods at controlled 
  temperature for monitoring, in real time, the standard parameters of goods; in order to 
  take prompt action to ensure the best storage of goods.
  We service and maintain all our vehicles. A highly qualified staff, a permanent 
  training and a cutting-edge facility allow to put on the road perfectly-controlled,
  washed and sanitized vehicles in accordance with the law 
  (H.A.C.C.P and I.F.S Logistics).
  We offer services which are approved by the major control boards of verification and certification.
  Our standards are among the highest in the transport sector and our aim is to instill safety and
  reliability to the customer choosing us as a carrier you can depend on.

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